Jewish Community's Skyscraper

Main data:

Total height: 208 m
Number of floors: about 50-60
Planned term of finishing: ???
Designers: Spychala & Partnerzy Workshop
Location: ul. Twarda 6

Previously, the skyscraper located at the intersection of Twarda and Emilii Plater streets (Hines Tower) was supposed to be the closure of the line of high towers along Emilii Plater Street. But actually it will not, because just behind it a next, even higher skyscraper, will be located. Even today when walking along Twarda street we can feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the surrounding skyscrapers (WFC, Rondo 1, Intercontinental, TPSA Tower). Soon, that feeling will be even stronger, because two new building will appear there.

The new skyscraper will be constructed just next to the historical Nozyk Synagogue. Actually, it will even surround it from two sides. It is really doubtful if a skyscraper should be built so close to a historical building. But it looks like the synagogue's users do not have anything against that, because the Jewish Community will be one of the building's investors. A strategic partner will be the second one, but till today it has not been found by the community yet.

The initial designs of the building were made by architectural workshop Spychala & Partnerzy. The building will be really enormous, its solid will be nearly of equal height as the Palace of Culture (together with its spire). And its shape will be quite interesting: it will narrow along with the height. The skyscraper will be also the first one in Warsaw, which will be equipped with the wind turbines. Propulsors (devices that convert wind power to electrical power) will be located in four large holes, that can be seen on the visualisations. And solar batteries will be installed on the upper parts of the building's elevation. We can say about some already existing Warsaw skyscrapers that they are self-sustainable, in the meaning, that they have their own power generators or water treatment plants. But this one will be self-sustainable in much wider sense - it will be able to function independently on the external sources of power (unless the wind will is not strong enough).

The skyscraper will be unique also because of one more fact. It will be first one in the city, containing a temple - precisely a synagogue. Also a kosher restaurant will be situated here, as well as a hotel, which meet all expectations of orthodox Jews. Also offices and cultural institutions of Jewish Community will move here from the building at Twarda Street No. 6 (this one will be demolished and the skyscraper will be built on its place). But most of the space (nearly 2/3) will be offices to rent.

The building itself will be for sure very interesting and original structure, but its location is really confusing - just a few metres away from the historical synagogue and just over 10 metres from the next planned high building - Hines Tower.

The skyscraper's visualisations:

The place where the building would stand:

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