Lilium Tower

Main data:

Total height: 257 m
Number of floors: 70
Planned term of finishing: ???
Designer: Zaha Hadid
Location: al. Jerozolimskie / Cha³ubinskiego

In summer 2007 information saying about an idea of constructing a new skyscraper just next to Marriott appeared. Lilium company, which lately had bought the complex of LIM Centre (Marriott Hotel is a part of it) plans to erect a second skyscraper in the place of today's LIM Centre's patio.

In December 2007 first visualisations of the planned skyscraper finally appeared. The building was designed by well-known Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. As we can see on the pictures, the skyscraper will look very impressive. For sure, if built, it will differ much from surrounding buildings. It will be outstanding not only because of its height, but also because of its unusual architectonic style. We did not yet have so original skyscraper in Warsaw, it will be completely different from a classic form of a skyscraper, which for example the neighbouring Marriott represents. The new building will be of oval shape, we can compare it for example to a corn cob, a dirigible put vertically or a diamond. For sure such building will be controversial, but it can also become a new showcase of Warsaw, even more because its planned height is 257 metres, so more than the Palace of Culture! So Lilium Tower will be the highest building in the city, unless the building planned neared Zawiszy Square by Chmielna Development was built earlier.

The company has already made a motion in the city hall to make a decision of the development conditions for the investment. For this part of the city there is no valid plan of development, there is only a general document for the whole Warsaw, which actually does not limit the height. So there are no legal obstacles for the building to be constructed.

The building's use would be something between an apartment building and a hotel. Luxurious apartments would be located here, its parts would be rented when its owners were not present, just like hotel rooms.

Visualisations of the skyscraper - the investor's materials - from the website

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