Rondo 1

Main data:

Height to the roof: 159 m
Total height: 192 m
Number of floors: 40
Year of construction: 2006
Designers: SOM Architectural Workshop (Skidmore, Owings, Merrill)
Location: Rondo ONZ 1

The construction of new very high and impressive building was finished recently. Next to ONZ Roundabout, at its south-eastern side, a new skyscraper called Rondo 1 arose. It is already third high-rise building in the area between John Paul II Avenue, Swietokrzyska Street, Emilii Plater Street and the central station. If the trend will continue, this place will soon become the Warsaw counterpart of Manhattan.

The investor of this building is the company Rondo ONZ Project Development, which was founded by German company Hochtief Projektentwicklung. The construction was started in spring 2003. It was previously planned to be finished till autumn 2005, but finally the building was ready in February 2006. The lower, 10-floored part of the complex (closer to Marianska street) was already finished on the beginning of 2005.

The building was designed by architectural workshop called SOM (Skidmore, Owings, Merrill). It consists of two parts: lower, 10-floored and higher, 40-floored. Nearly whole building is covered with glass. We can divide also the higher part of the building into three components: the main one, where offices are located (there is 58000 square metres of them), the junction and the part with elevators, which is the closest to John Paul II Avenue. In September 2004, already during the construction, small changes were made in the architectural project. The location of spire on the top of the building was changed and also the main entrance's shape was changed. Previously it was planned to be in tulip-shape, finally it was built in simpler, block shape. The building has a very expressive architecture but without unnecessary supplements. That's why it seems to go well with its surrounding. Including the spire, the building is 194 metres high, so it is the third highest building in the city. The whole investment is valued at approximately 200 millions of euro.

In the lower part of the building there is a lot of public space. Supermarket, florist and other shops are located here. There is also a winter garden inside the building. In the future, when the station of the second line of underground will be built next to ONZ Roundabout, the building will be joined to it by a passage. So generally the building seems to be very attractive. Now we should only wait a few (or more) years for the construction of the second line of underground, so that we could get to the building easily ;)

More information about the building can be found on its official website:

More photos, of different phases of the construction process can be seen here.

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