Warsaw Spire

Main data:

Height to the roof: 188 m
Total height: 220 m
Number of floors: 49
Planned term of finishing: 2014
Designer: Jaspers & Eyers Workshop
Location: ul. Towarowa / Lucka

Till now Warsaw Trade Tower has been the only skyscraper in the western outskirts of Warsaw 'city'. But it seems that soon it will have a rival. A Belgian developer Ghelamco began a construction of a tower of unusual shape at the plot between Towarowa, Grzybowska, Wronia and Lucka streets. Until recently Military Graphics Institute used to be located here. But this institution had huge debts and its official receiver put it up for an auction. In 2006 the plot together with buildings was purchased by Eastern Europe, a company owned by Ghelamco. The building of former books' printing house has already been demolished. Now, a complex of new buildings will rise in this place.

The highest building will have a very untypical shape. It will be a solid of elliptical section, which will narrow to the half of its height and then widen again. The skyscraper will have a double elevation, it will be surrounded with an extra, uniform glass surface. It will be 188 metres high, and together with the spires - 220 metres. Inside, office spaces will be located, and also a few shops. The total usable area of the building will be approximately 60 thousand square metres. On both sides of the tower two lower, 55-metre-high, arc-shaped buildings will be situated. Also offices will be located in them (together extra 40 thousand square metres of usable area). Between the buildings there will be a lot of open space.

In the future, also the second tower will be constructed - a 160-metre-high apartment building. It will be located closer to the intersection of Wronia and Grzybowska streets, it will be named Chopin Tower.

The construction of Warsaw Spire was started in June 2011 and it should be finished in 2014. In September 2013 the structure of first, 15-floored building reached its final height.


Photos of the construction of the tower:

Photos taken on 21st of June 2011 - the beginning of the construction:

Photos taken on 28th of August 2012 - the construction of underground floors:

Photos taken on 14th of September 2012 - construction of the underground part of the building continues:

Photos taken on 26th of January 2013 - on the first sight there is not much progress, but in fact the excavation site is already more than ten metres deep:

Photos taken on 6th of July 2013 - first, lower, semicircular building is now under construction:

Photos taken on 23rd of September 2013 - first of two lower buildings has reached its full height:

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