Golden Terraces

Main data:

Height to the roof: 102 m
Total height: 102 m
Number of floors: 24
Year of construction: 2007
Designer: Jerde Partnership
Location: ul. Z³ota 59

Golden Terraces are the largest investment that rose up in last years in Warsaw. Its construction took 5 years. This huge complex consists of a shopping and entertainment centre, which is situated on first levels and 2 office buildings: a 105-metre-high tower called Skylight and 8-floored, semicircled Lumen (actually it consists of 2 segments, connected with a glassed passage).

We already got used to large shopping centres in Warsaw, but Golden Terraces are because of few reasons unusual among them. First of all, because of their size (however, Arkadia at Babka Roundabout is a bit larger), secondly - any other shopping centre does not have such attractive location and, what is the most important - any of them does not have so unusual architecture. The central part of Golden Terraces is covered with a huge, glass roof. It is the most characteristic element of the complex. It is not flat, but undulating in a non-regular way, like tree crowns. Underneath there is the shopping centre, located at few levels. Altogether there are about 200 shops, cafes, bars, pubs and also a cinema.

Off course not everybody like such atypical architectural style. Many people say that Golden Terraces' architecture is too complicated or even just trashy and introduces just more mess to the centre, which is anyway already chaoticly built-up. But on the other hand, the skyscraper itself goes well and represents the same style as neighbouring Intercontinental Hotel, Warsaw Financial Centre and Rondo 1. And for sure so unusual architecture can attract attention rather than disgust potential customers, and that is what is mainly all about.

What can disgust is Golden Terraces' surrounding - first of all dirty and neglected Central Station, Emilii Plater street, which is full of holes and still undeveloped Defilades Square. It is really a shame that the very centre of Warsaw still looks so trashy and we only can hope that Golden Terraces will finally start some positive changes in this area.

The designing and preparing all formalities necessary for the investment took for six years. An architectural workshop Jerde Partnership was Golden Terraces' designer. And the main investor is ING Real Estate, the same company that had built in Warsaw Holland Park office building and apartment houses at the back of Plac Trzech Krzyzy (Three Crosses Square). The main contractor is Swedish company Skanska. The construction was started on the end of 2002. In 2004 it was stopped for several months, what was the result of a protest by one of pseudo-ecological organisations. This case was finished with a trial, which the investor has finally won. But because of that the construction was delayed and the previously planned term of its finishing - autumn 2005 had to be postponed. The shopping part of the complex was finally opened on 7th of February 2007. The office part - even later - in the second half of 2007. The estimated cost of whole investment is 1.5 billion zlotys. The area of the shopping centre is 65 thousand square metres and of the office part - 43 thousand square metres. The underground parking (unfortunately a paid one) can fit about 1600 cars.

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